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Benchmarking Insights Released (beta)

83,000,000+ Flags To Date

Since Fama was founded in 2015, we have analyzed over 80M behavior flags across public domains and social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google News and others.

+50K Reports Across 13 Industries

For the period of January 1st to December 31st 2020, Fama anonymized and compiled behavioral data for 53,000 reports across 13 key verticals including Financial Services, Healthcare/Pharma/Biotech, Media & Entertainment – among others.


AI-Driven Insights.

Through the use of advanced natural language processing (NLP) combined with image recognition at scale we were are able to process large amounts of public data with the industry’s highest accuracy marks.

Our 2020 benchmarking report looked at some of the following flags: Alcohol, Cannabis, Harassment, Intolerance, Sex, Threats, Violence.


How Much Is Too Much?


Threats Flagged for the Computer & Electronics Industry

Fama Alcohol Flag Data - Top 3 Industries vs Industry Averages

Understand Frequency by Industry

Consumer Services, Manufacturing, Real Estate & Construction, Government, Energy & Utilities, Education are a few more of the industries that are included in our 2020 report.

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fama insights graphic 6%

One of the highest frequencies of threats online came from the the non-profit industry in 2020. 

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