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Fama Works in 4

Simple Steps

Fama’s AI-powered software helps you surface a range of harmful behaviors to protect your business, reduce workplace toxicity, and reinvent your organization around a human focus.


Configure your account to highlight the behaviors and keywords your organization deems most important and relevant to the role for which you’re hiring. Then pick your data sources.


Submit candidate or employee details using your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or our cloud-hosted application.


Fama surfaces insights gathered through the use of natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition.

Take Action

With help from our experts, advanced analytics, and executive summaries, you’ll have the tools to make hiring and management decisions consistently and confidently.

Over 600 clients across 18 countries trust Fama to de-risk their hiring, build more inclusive workplaces and move their businesses forward.


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Automation + Compliance Like Never Before.

Ready for the Workforce of Tomorrow

Because race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, and medical conditions can be discovered in seconds through the use of search engines and social media searches, the risk for non-compliance has never been more pervasive. When hiring managers are empowered to identify intolerance in their screening process, the result is an employee base that is rich in diversity who are more likely to unlock breakthroughs.

Full Configurability

Highlight the online behaviors that matter for your company using our platform that is configurable according to your company’s current or future hiring initiatives. You decide what data sources and online behaviors are relevant to your search and Fama’s software does the rest.

Technology To Fit Your Requirements

Fama’s use of Natural Language Processing and image recognition surface relevant and critical insights for review and adjudication – all informed by your organization’s unique screening matrix. Take automation further with Fama integrations that deliver reports and insights directly to your system of record.


"Companies don’t want candidates with stellar skills if they are racist, sexist, or violent. A company called Fama offers to find these problems through automated searches of the web."

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"Pictures of drinking on social accounts don’t imply bad job performance. By contrast, bigoted comments or posts about drugs were linked to subpar performance."

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"A 2017 survey by CareerBuilder, found that 70 per cent of companies used social media to screen candidates when hiring, up from 60 per cent and 11 per cent in 2006."

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