Creating Impact Since 2015

Learn more about how Fama’s social media insights are helping agencies across the country make sense of large volumes of messy information found on the public web.

Enterprise-grade Screening.

Since our founding in 2015, and through the application of artificial intelligence (AI), we have analyzed more-than 80,000,000 unique posts on public social media networks and the web. The insights we produce have helped leading corporations, professional sports teams, non-profits, and background screening agencies to reduce the risk of hiring employees who exhibit racist, intolerant, bigoted behaviors on their public Internet personas.

It is this same enterprise-grade software that we are extending to police agencies across the country, through a free trial. All without compromising on our commitment to privacy and compliance with state and local jurisdictions. 

Ready for the World of Tomorrow

We believe human resource managers should be empowered to identify intolerance not only in their screening process but as a part of robust training programs.

Customized To Your Agency's Unique Set of Values

You decide what data sources and online behaviors are relevant to your search and Fama’s software does the rest.

Technology That Delivers

Take automation further with Fama integrations that deliver reports and insights directly to your system of record.

How Fama Works

1. Customize

Configure your account to highlight the behaviors and keywords your organization deems most important and relevant to the role for which you’re hiring. Then pick your data sources.

4. Take Action

With help from our experts, advanced analytics, and executive summaries, you’ll have the tools to make hiring and management decisions consistently and confidently.

2. Upload

Submit candidate or employee details using your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or our cloud-hosted application.

3. Review

Fama surfaces insights gathered through the use of natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition.

How Can We Help?

For the first time in our company history – and because we believe the current moment calls for it – we are offering our enterprise-grade software to agencies across the country who keep our communities safe, free of charge.

More About Privacy & Compliance

Whether social media, web results, or paid subscription databases, Fama offers the ability to form a complete picture of the people who wear your badge—not just at the point of hire but throughout the employee lifecycle.


Compliant With FCRA, EEOC


Consistent Screening Criteria


Consent-Based Screening


Triple Authentication

Frequently Asked Questions


How Is This Legal?

Fama is a consent-based screening company that is compliant with the FCRA, EEOC, and GDPR in addition to other state and local laws. These various legal frameworks are designed to protect consumers when they are pursuing employment. Our compliance with these frameworks is of critical importance to us, and we take privacy seriously.


Is This Like "Big Brother" Watching All Social Media Activity?

Any report being initiated across our systems requires the informed consent of an individual first. Further, if the report is being used in any pre-employment or FCRA/GDPR-related context, any decisions based on that report must be discussed with the consumer, and the consumer must have an opportunity to contest or explain the results.


Why Do Organizations Use Fama?

Fama helps businesses identify problematic behavior across new hires by analyzing publicly available online information. We don’t score, don’t provide a thumbs up/down, and don’t make a recommendation. Instead we help talent leaders build a workforce on their terms. We help them find the hard-to-spot behaviors like intolerance or threats or harassment. These are the sorts of behaviors that, left unchecked, can damage an agency’s culture and adversely impact its brand.


What Groups Generally Use The Software? (Inside An Agency)

As part of the Talent Acquisition (recruiting) function, employers leverage Fama’s AI software instead of relying on human operations that can be: inconsistent, unstructured, and oftentimes incorrect.

As part of the Talent Management function, we are seeing an increase in use cases where companies are using Fama as a tool for employee growth & development. The insights that Fama generates become the starting point for employers to create customized training programs for their employees.

Get Started Today.

Speak with a member of our Fama-ly to find out how Fama can begin to create insights as unique as each and every member of your agency. 

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