May 26, 2016

How Good Social Media Can Help You Land the Job

Social media screening is now the norm in many recruiting processes. But when employers screen the social media of potential employees, not all flags are red. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 60 percent of employers now use social media to screen candidates. This does not mean they’re searching for negative material; in fact, the survey found most hiring managers were searching for positive information that would encourage them to hire candidates.

What you post on social media can help you get hired just as much as it can prevent it.

When you hear “social media screening,” it’s easy to imagine an HR employee poring over Facebook profiles, searching for drunken party photos and lewd status updates.  While they do often find negative information-49 percent of the time, according to the survey-many companies are looking for the best image of their candidate online, to ensure that they are hiring people who can present themselves professionally and make a positive impact.

What you post on social media can help you get hired just as much as it can prevent it. Employers are eyeing candidate’s information with basic questions: can this employee fit the culture of the company? Does their background support their job qualifications? Is their online “personality” genuine and professional? Companies are screening social media for an accurate picture of candidates’ personalities. Honesty and professionalism are a must. Suppose recruiters find inappropriate photos, offensive or discriminatory comments, or the inflammatory words about previous employers; these are common red flags that will prevent someone from getting hired.

We encourage prospective employees to take the reins in improving their online presence. It is part of the modern resume, whether you like it or not. Delete lewd photos, posts, and comments. Get rid of your red flags and promote your good flags: do you volunteer?  Have you participated in charities or alumni events? 32 percent of employers in the survey reported finding information that helped them hire people. Turn your liabilities into an advantage by presenting a professional, and qualified online profile.

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