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What Fama Enables

Compliant, Consent-based Profiles

Ensure transparency and safely assess your current or prospective talent through a fully compliant, automated, and configurable platform.

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Informed Hiring Decisions

Standardize your company’s screening process to make more-informed hiring decisions while creating consistency in your hiring operations.

Scale smarter hiring.

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Inclusive Workplaces

Harvard Business Review research revealed that employees at companies with 2-D diversity (inherent and acquired) were 45% more likely to report market share increases over the previous year

Read “How Diversity Can Drive Innovation” on HBR.org


Full Customization

Highlight the online behaviors that matter for your company using our platform that is configurable according to your company’s current or future hiring initiatives. You decide what data sources and online behaviors are relevant to your search and Fama’s software does the rest.


Work With the Leader Who Created the Category

Since 2015, Fama has been making the workplace safer and the hiring process more equitable for talent through consistent, compliant and automated online screening. Fama now supports over 600 businesses across 18 countries to de-risk their hiring, build more inclusive workplaces and move their businesses forward.


Featured Resources

Background Checks for the 21st Century

Download this pdf to discover the current background check landscape, how it's changed, and what to expect going forward.


Industry Benchmarking Report

Learn about the frequency of toxic online behaviors across a few key industries. 

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"Companies don’t want candidates with stellar skills if they are racist, sexist, or violent. A company called Fama offers to find these problems through automated searches of the web."

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"Pictures of drinking on social accounts don’t imply bad job performance. By contrast, bigoted comments or posts about drugs were linked to subpar performance."

How AI is Changing Your Job Hunt (Read Entire Article on Fortune.com)

"A 2017 survey by CareerBuilder, found that 70 per cent of companies used social media to screen candidates when hiring, up from 60 per cent and 11 per cent in 2006."

A Messy Digital Footprint Can Cost You a Job (Read Entire Article in Financial Times)


Read "AI for Good: A Conversation With Neil Sahota" (IBM Master Inventor & Author)Read Article
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