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to screen toxic workplace behavior.

Fama is a talent screening software that helps identify problematic behavior among potential hires and current employees by analyzing publicly available online information.

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Compliant, AI-based online screening for the enterprise.

Our technology helps businesses identify thousands of job-relevant behaviors, such as racism or harassment, without exposing hiring managers to unnecessary risk or manual work.

Full Customization

Surface behaviors that conflict with your company’s mission and values using our customizable screening platform.

Legal Protection

Fama only highlights behaviors which you have a permissible or business purpose to view, and is a Consumer Reporting Agency.

Automated and Efficient

Escalate only the most critical reports for human review and adjudication, all driven by your company’s unique risk matrix.

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…and hundreds of others in the Fortune 500

Featured Resources

Defining insights from our research to help you better understand how toxic hires and employees impact your business.

Download The Toxic Employee Handbook

Few hiring managers, recruiters or HR professionals are fully aware of the costs that come from toxic employees. Written by Dr. John Sullivan, the “Michael Jordan of Hiring,” this handbook clarifies the range of damages caused by toxic employees and shows you how to prevent them from ever coming on board.

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Download The Legality of Online Screening

New technologies bring new legal questions. Whether you’re trying to understand best practices or the FCRA, Fama has worked with one of the nation’s top employment lawyers to get you the answers you need on the legality of digital screening.

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Download The Cost of a Toxic Hire

Toxic employees can go unnoticed for years and can ravage the bottom line. Working with our clients and the broader research community, we’ve found fresh data showing that toxic hires cost more than you might think.

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Download The Industry Benchmarking Report

Our breakthrough report combines anonymized industry data with leading research to explain why online data is critical for keeping your company safe from bad hires. Find out how online behaviors are impacting your bottom line and discover which industries are experiencing the consequences of toxic behavior.

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