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Fama helps you surface a range of harmful online behaviors at the point of hire to protect your business, reduce workplace toxicity, and reinvent your organization around a human focus—all with the use of software that automates your talent screening workflow in a compliant fashion.

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Fama is Compliant Online & Social Media Screening Ready for The Workforce of Tomorrow

Because race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, and medical conditions can be discovered in seconds through the use of search engines and social media searches, the risk for non-compliance has never been more pervasive. When hiring managers are empowered to identify intolerance in their screening process, the result is an employee base that is rich in diversity that are more likely to unlock breakthroughs.

Full Customization

Highlight the online behaviors that matter for your company using our platform that is configurable according to your company’s current or future hiring initiatives. You decide what data sources and online behaviors are relevant to your search and Fama’s software does the rest.

Powerful Automation

Fama’s use of Natural Language Processing and image recognition surface relevant and critical insights for review and adjudication - all informed by your organization’s unique screening matrix. Take automation further with Fama integrations that deliver reports and insights directly to your system of record.

Privacy & Compliance-Focused

Not only are back-door searches unfair to candidates, they also violate a range of regulatory frameworks including those of the EEOC. As part of your unique Fama instance, we work with your team to implement state and local requirements (depending on your hiring needs and factors like business location). Fama triple-authenticates profiles to merge the promise of artificial intelligence with experienced human analysts. The candidate experience is central to our consent-based digital screening process. When it is time to initiate a pre-adverse action, we help provide candidates the opportunity to challenge results.

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Fama Background Screening Partners represent a combined 85% of the global screening market in 18 countries.

Featured Resources

Fama's latest resource is the 2020 Benchmarking Reports portal that includes data for six distinct behavior flags across 13 industries.

Download 2020 Social Media Benchmarking Reports

In 2020 we saw a marked increase in the use of social media, and an associated increase of user participation online as topics such COVID-19, racial justice, and the US election fueled the conversation. Through these reports we highlight how that internet discourse shifted across industries in 2020 so that you can augment and improve your own social media program.

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Download The Toxic Employee Handbook

Few hiring managers, recruiters or HR professionals are fully aware of the costs that come from toxic employees. Written by Dr. John Sullivan, the “Michael Jordan of Hiring,” this handbook clarifies the range of damages caused by toxic employees and shows you how to prevent them from ever coming on board.

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Download The Legality of Online Screening

New technologies bring new legal questions. Whether you’re trying to understand best practices or the FCRA, Fama has worked with one of the nation’s top employment lawyers to get you the answers you need on the legality of digital screening.

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Download The Cost of a Toxic Hire

Toxic employees can go unnoticed for years and can ravage the bottom line. Working with our clients and the broader research community, we’ve found fresh data showing that toxic hires cost more than you might think.

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Download The Industry Benchmarking Report

Our breakthrough report combines anonymized industry data with leading research to explain why online data is critical for keeping your company safe from bad hires. Find out how online behaviors are impacting your bottom line and discover which industries are experiencing the consequences of toxic behavior.

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