On Demand Webinar: Busting the AI Myth of Candidate Fit

Speakers: Shally Steckerl, Ben Mones, William Tincup

Like any new tools, AI can lead to a lot of positive change. But, it’s important you know what it is, what it isn’t, how to use it, and how to make great business decisions when buying it.

With so much information out there about AI, it can be hard to cut through the noise and figure out what’s real and what you really need to know.

That’s why workplace, recruiting, and AI experts Shally Steckerl, Ben Mones, and William Tincup came together for a webinar busting the myths around AI and its impact on the hiring process, candidate fit, and overall business success.

This great conversation walks through:

  • How top talent teams are changing the way they define candidate fit in 2024
  • The major misconceptions about AI in the hiring process
  • How AI and people can work together to improve hiring outcomes and business decisions
  • What to consider when buying AI-powered solutions and how to navigate the buying process
  • Which regulations are in place to protect organizations and job seekers from AI and what to look out for in the future

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