Law Enforcement

Fama is the largest social media screening company and is a routine part of the hiring process for many law enforcement agencies and departments.  A candidate may not have a criminal record, but their online presence may show misconduct or violent behaviors that may not be mitigable in high-stress situations. Fama reduces the risk and keeps departments compliant.

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Impact of Misconduct

Workplace Misconduct is extremely problematic and costly for law enforcement.

Number of officers involved in lawsuts due to misconduct

$3.2 Billion

Amount paid out in settlements for officer misconduct


Payouts in the top 25 largest police and sheriffs departments

Why Identify Candidates with Misconduct Issues?

A department’s public reputation is a powerful factor in gaining trust of the community and public at-large.

Incidents by law enforcement officers are a lot more visible today, as people now have the ability to document and share incidents of misconduct, excessive force, and escalating violence like never before.

Social media background checks give law enforcement leaders the data they need to make better hiring decisions using publicly available information.

If a candidate already has a history of publicly viewable violent or racist behavior, the public is going to assume that this behavior is acceptable to the department. Identifying candidates who pose a threat to your precinct's reputation can help improve the quality of hire, prevent these crises, and be a better community partner.

Fama compliantly searches over 10,000 sources of publicly available online and social media content to identify candidates with workplace misconduct issues. A Fama report is available many times in 24-48 hours and only provides the instances of misconduct. Request a demo today to learn more about how easy it is to incorporate a Fama report in your hiring process.

Social Media Screening for Law Enforcement

A Law Enforcement Recruiter's Guide

Online and social media screening results in all kinds of benefits to law enforcement, from improving workplace culture and safety, to improving quality of hire, to enhancing public perception of officers.

In this guide you will learn how to set a policy for web-based background checks lets prospective and current employees know that their behavior matters, no matter if it’s in person or online, and contributes to the health of their internal and public-facing working environments.

You'll learn:

  • How social media screening for law enforcement works
  • How to prevent potential crisis by understanding online misconduct
  • Best practices for improving the quality of your hires

If you're looking for a compliant solution to meet regulations or looking to get ahead of regulations this guide is a great first step.

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The Modern Background Check

People live their lives publicly online. Start screening like it’s 2023. Gone are the days when you don’t know which candidate is a risk for fraud, harassment, threats and violence. Now you can compliantly screen with Fama. We’re FCRA, EEOC, and SOC2 compliant, and integrate with major HRIS, ATS, and background check solutions.

Benefits of Online Screening in the Hiring Process

Online screening solutions save organizations time and money by automating candidate screening processes in a compliant way.

More specifically, our clients see benefits like: 

  • Streamlining candidate screening processes
  • Improving the employee experience and supporting existing employees
  • Reducing costs of screening talent, legal action, and replacing employees who leave
  • Improved safety and security of the organization