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Fama's out-of-the-box solution screens for 9 types of workplace misconduct to detect fraudulent or illegal activities and identify extreme behaviors that are detrimental to the workplace.

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How Fama Works

Our AI tool searches 10,000 online sources of public data and flags potential fraud, illegal acts, or other risky or harmful behaviors.


Fama’s compliance filter blocks out protected class and irrelevant candidate information, only highlighting potential workplace misconduct as defined by the employer or investor. We are FCRA, EEOC, GDPR and SOC compliant.


Fama screens for 9 types of workplace misconduct. All flags can be adjusted to a company’s code of conduct and we give employers the ability to customize filters by role and seniority.


Fama integrates with most background screening providers including HireRight, Sterling and First Advantage. We also integrate with most ATSs. Choose to integrate Fama into your current HR Tech stack or access our dashboard directly.

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Solutions that fit your unique screening needs

From direct employers and investors to staffing and recruiting agencies Fama's solution can help you find quality candidates and founders.

The Modern Background Check

People live their lives publicly online. Start screening like it’s 2023. Gone are the days when you don’t know which candidate is a risk for fraud, harassment, threats and violence. Now you can compliantly screen with Fama. We’re FCRA, EEOC, and SOC2 compliant, and integrate with major HRIS, ATS, and background check solutions.

Solutions by Industry


Protect your company and investments from potential fraud and illegal activities.


In a patient first industry identify extreme behaviors that would be detrimental to the workplace.


Impact your bottom line by reducing fraud, eliminate extreme behaviors and improve quality of hire.

Media & Entertainment

People' and brands' reputations are valuable. Safeguard their value by identifying misconduct issues early.


Extreme behaviors and workplace misconduct impact productivity. Increase candidate quality and positively impact output.

We would screen manually, doing keyword searches and quickly realized how much we were missing because this is so complex.

M. Taylor
Senior Director of Communications, The Miami Dolphins

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