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Qualify quality candidates for your clients faster. Fama identifies problematic candidates earlier in the process saving our Executive Search clients time and money.

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Why Screen Candidates' Online Presence?

Fama searches over 10,000 sources of publicly available online content including social media to identify potential workplace misconduct issues and helps search firms avoid candidates with problematic behaviors. A Fama report is available as fast as one business day, allowing you to quickly gain candidate insights to match the fast past needs of placements.

Impact of C-Level Misconduct

By preventing a hire with a history of misconduct Executive Search Firms save their clients money and protect their reputation.

Of executives in 2018 left their role due to misconduct more than any other reason.


Stock value lost when CEOs engage in misconduct.


Average company loss for sexual harassment scandal at the C-suite level.

Why Fama?

  • The shape of Workplace Misconduct has changed: As signals of workplace misconduct evolve to include social media, websites, message boards, news databases and litigation history, search firms need to ensure their vetting process is tuned to the information age. One missed post matters.
  • More sources than a background check: Fama's 360 product includes social media, press coverage and other web content. Fama also scans civil litigation dockets that typically fall well outside of the coverage network of background checks from legacy vendors.
  • Affordable: Fama blends automation and trained investigators into a single workflow, reducing the cost of service delivery.  The average search firm saves 40% on their due diligence budget by switching to Fama, while often increasing coverage.

Improve Quality of Hire

How C-Level Executive Search Issues Impact Talent Acquisition Firms

For many businesses, finding C-suite executives to fill critical roles is incredibly difficult. They often lack the tools, experience, and resources to thoroughly vet candidates—leading to bad fit hires that bring more problems into the organization than they solve. That’s why organizations turn to talent acquisition firms that offer C-level executive search services.

In the world of executive search, there are a number of challenges that can impact you and your firm:  How do you efficiently review applicants for quality candidates? What are deal-breaking red flags? How do you best protect the reputations of your firm and your client? Learn the answers to these questions and more by clicking below.