Fama Essential

Screen over 10,000 online public sources and X, formerly Twitter, for misconduct issues like theft, violence, and harassment. Essential improves quality of hire, mitigates misconduct, and prevents costly legal action. A fast and cost-effective option especially great for hourly, contingent, and high-volume hires.

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Fast & Efficient Screening

Most misconduct won’t show up on a traditional background check.

Essential screens where candidates share their lives and tells you which are engaging in misconduct issues like theft, violence, and harassment. You’ll get results back in 24 hours.

Improve Quality of Hire

Essential is a low cost way to screen hourly workers for workplace misconduct issues.

Nearly 10% of all candidates applying for jobs last year were engaging in misconduct, over 2x safe levels. Essential screens efficiently and compliantly for misconduct where candidates are most likely to share them: online.

Reduce Worker Theft

Employee theft costs $50 billion a year, harassment costs between $300 and $1000 per employee, and intolerance costs $172 billion over the last 5 years.

Even more, National Retail Federation blamed shrink for roughly $95 billion in losses in 2021, up $4 billion year over year. Screening for workplace misconduct safeguards organizations from costly misconduct like theft, violence, and harassment.

Fama Essential Helps You Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions Quickly

Fama Essential empowers employers with the insights they need to make great hiring decisions without impacting time to hire. This modern screening solution is great for employers who want a fast, cost-effective, yet comprehensive screen.

We all know hiring great talent isn't easy. Even candidates with the right skills may not be a good quality candidate. This is where Fama can help.

Fama Essential screens 10,000 sources of online public data and X to identify the candidates already engaging in behaviors that may lead to workplace misconduct including violence, theft, and harassment.

Fama Essential Features & Benefits

8 Types of Misconduct

Our solution is tailored to screen for 8 types of misconduct like theft, violence, and harassment. Add custom keywords with ease to screen for additional types of misconduct.

Results in 24 Hours

Gone are the days of prolonged waiting. With results available in just 24 hours, your hiring process remains fast and candidate-friendly.

99% Accurate

Fama Essential leverages ethical AI with human oversight to screen over 10,000 public online sources plus X to identify candidates engaging in misconduct, while ensuring reports are 99.95% accurate.


Every company defines misconduct differently. Fama Essential lets you choose what types of misconduct to screen for, and is adjustable to your employee Code of Conduct.

Integrated Seamlessly

Our solution integrates with 95% of the global background screening market, and aligns smoothly with a majority of ATS and HRIS solutions. Fama Essential promises a seamless and unified recruitment experience.

Fully Compliant

Over 70% of employers conduct non-compliant searches on candidates. Fama is FCRA, EEOC, GDPR, and SOC2 compliant. We remove protected-class information, require candidate consent, and only show job-relevant misconduct that correlates with your Employee Code of Conduct.

Benefits of Fama Essential Online Screening

  • Improve quality of hire
  • Streamline your candidate screening process
  • Save invaluable time and resources
  • Foster a safer, more inclusive workspace
  • Drastically reduce instances of misconduct, shrinkage, violence, and associated legal repercussions
  • Great for hourly, contingent, and high volume hires

We would screen manually, doing keyword searches and quickly realized how much we were missing because this is so complex.

M. Taylor
Senior Director of Communications, The Miami Dolphins

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