Fama Plus

Screen over 10,000 publicly available online sources to uncover problematic candidates to reduce workplace misconduct, avoid costly legal action, and improve quality of hire.

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Fama is FCRA, EEOC, GDPR, and SOC2 compliant. We require candidate consent for all FCRA use cases.

Fama Plus reports remove protected class information and only show job relevant misconduct that aligns with your Employee Code of Conduct.


Fama integrates with 95% of the global background screening market.

Our integrations are also accessible in most ATS and HCM solutions.


Every industry and company has their own unique needs, challenges, and definitions of misconduct.

Fama gives clients the ability to customize filters to align with their code of conduct or definition of misconduct.

Fama Plus Helps You Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions Quickly

Fama Plus is a modern screening solution for employers. With a 24 hour turn around time Fama gives employers the ability to assess quality of hire during the pre-screening process.

We all know hiring great talent isn't easy. Even candidates with the right skills may not be a good quality candidate. This is where Fama can help.

Fama Plus screens 10,000 sources of online public data to identify the candidates already engaging in behaviors that may lead to workplace misconduct including violence, fraud, and harassment.

Fama Plus Features & Benefits

Automate with AI

Fama Plus screens over 10,000 online sources and social media channels to identify misconduct where it happens the most.

9 Types of Misconduct

Our out-of-the-box solution screens for 9 types of misconduct including violence, fraud, and harassment. Clients can also add custom keywords to screen for additional types of misconduct.

Results in 24 Hours

Background checks can take several days, which slows down the hiring process and hinders the candidate experience.

99%+ Accurate

Audits show our reports are over 99.95% accurate. Our combined approach to auomate with AI and review with human-oversight makes our solution extremely accurate.

Automate with AI

Fama leverages AI to search over 10,000 publicly available online sources in a fast and compliant way. With human review of the final results Fama ensures employers only view the misconduct that aligns with their code of conduct.

FCRA, EEOC, GDPR Compliant

Over 70% of employers conduct non-compliant searches on candidates. This can reveal protected class information. Fama removes protected class information and keeps employers compliant.

Benefits of Fama Plus Online Screening

  • Streamline process
  • Save time and money
  • Create a safer and more inclusive workplace
  • Reduce misconduct and costly legal action
  • Improved quality of hire

We would screen manually, doing keyword searches and quickly realized how much we were missing because this is so complex.

M. Taylor
Senior Director of Communications, The Miami Dolphins

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