Flagging toxic behavior is more
important than ever.

On-demand reporting and on-going monitoring for real
time insight into who you hire and manage.

Safeguard what you’ve
built with Fama

De-risk Your Hiring

Fama quickly identifies behaviors that pose dramatic risks for hiring so you ensure you’re bringing on the right people.

Take Care of Your Team

Online behavior left unchecked leads to dramatic increases in turnover and absenteeism as well as substantial losses in employee performance.

Eliminate Toxic Behavior

Your brand is so much more than what you produce. Fama enables you to grow and maintain a culture that is safe, productive, and enjoyable.

Surface Problematic Content

Your employees represent your brand publicly. Fama ensures you see problematic content before a PR and legal nightmare.

Avoid Irreparable Losses

Scandals can quickly intensify across news outlets and social media. Flag things before they do to avoid losing funding, stock value, and goodwill.

Grow Your Audience

More than ever, customers are aligning purchasing decisions with brand values. Fama helps you protect the reputation you’ve worked hard to create.

What drives us…

Employees embody your mission and values.

At Fama, we believe that your employees are an extension of your business and reflect who you are as an organization. We help fill the gaps so you can gain a fuller understanding of those who represent your business and help your company stay true to its mission and values.

Online and offline actions are held to the same standard.

We believe that a person's digital footprint may be more important than their driver's license in identifying who they are—and that when choosing who represents your organization, toxic behaviors and statements should carry the same weight, regardless of where they're made.

No employee worries about harassment & discrimination.

We believe that no one should have to come to work fearing harassment and discrimination. Fama delivers new and relevant insights to help you strengthen the integrity of your brand promise while creating a more productive and welcoming workplace for all.

A message from our Founder and CEO

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Don’t let the world find bad online content before you do.

One of our team members will reach out to you directly.

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