Social Intel x The Chad & Cheese Podcast

DISCLAIMER: Chad & Cheese is an explicit podcast. 

In this episode, Chad, Joel, and Bianca discuss: 

·     Pioneering the social media screening industry

·      Consistency in social media screening and the importance of eliminating bias

·      A significant increase in violent content online

·      How Social Intelligence identifies and contextualizes intolerance

About the Podcast:

Bringing more than 40 years of combined experience to the podcast industry, Chad & Cheese add a unique perspective and brash flavor to the generally bland stew of hum-drum “yes-yes” and ass-kiss rhetoric that you normally get from people in recruitment.

Chad Sowash is a former Army Infantry drill sergeant, who cut his teeth in online recruitment in ’98 with an outfit called Online Career Center before it launched in ’99 as He went on to build DirectEmployers from the ground up, steer RecruitMilitary toward revenue as CXO and build Randstad's first military veteran hiring program. Today, you can find him speaking at events, podcasting, or just working his ass off as principal partner at Catch 22 Consulting.

Joel Cheesman is another recruiting industry tech geek from the late ‘90s, when he worked at eSpan, one of the world’s first job boards, as well as JobOptions, CareerBoard, Jobing, and He also did partnership shit at EmployeescreenIQ. but you might know him from his days as Cheezhead. Joel likes to tinker, he’s started a variety of businesses, including his latest venture: an employer-review aggregator called Ratedly.

About Bianca Lager:

Bianca Lager drives the vision for Social Intelligence to support organizations in accomplishing compliant screening practices alongside the values-based goals of protecting workplace culture and preventing harassment. Bianca is a dedicated volunteer in her community participating regularly in Partners in Education administered by the Santa Barbara County Education Office, where she provides guidance and mentorship for first-generation college hopefuls, emphasizing online reputation management and community service as pillars for success. Bianca obtained an MBA from Pepperdine University where she periodically guest lectures. 

This episode is one part of a series of podcasts featuring our president, Bianca Calhoun Lager, covering a range of topics from data analytics in digital content to the future of hiring for HR professionals. Subscribe to Social Intel’s blog for updates on upcoming podcasts, educational webinars, and industry presentations, and find more podcasts on social media screening in the Watch & Listen section of our resource library here. 


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