Webinar - social media and employment!


We are pleased to announce that our team is presenting an upcoming webinar on social media and employment. Social Intelligence president, Bianca Lager, and business development manager, Jonny Hawley, will host the hour-long presentation next week. “Social Media and Employment: Potent Benefits, Easily Avoided Risks” will begin at 1:00 PM ET on September 27th.Over the past ten years, social platforms have become a pervasive part of our lives. Because it offers such valuable insight about a candidate, it makes sense that companies have started to use publicly available information to vet potential employees. However, it can be problematic for an organization to go through a candidate’s socials in-house.

During the webinar on social media you’ll learn:

-How screening can reduce your risk for negligent hiring -What information is relevant to a hiring decision and how to avoid protected class violations -What a thorough search should include -Compliance rules for conducting an online screening -Real-life examples of consequences for both organizations and employees -What to avoid when scouting a screening vendor -Best practices for creating policy at your companyAre you interested in attending our webcast? Register for free at HR.com. We hope to see you there! If you can’t make it and would like to learn more about our product, give us a call at 888-748-3281. Our team would be happy to discuss the product further with you.Contributing author: Caitlin Rogers