Workplace Misconduct in the News: August 2023 Industry Edition

Since 2015, Fama has screened 45 million candidates for critical workplace misconduct issues – all to help companies reduce workplace misconduct and improve quality of hire. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of misconduct, helping clients avoid onboarding toxic workers that drive out good customers and employees. 

For the last several years, we’ve documented this misconduct in our annual benchmarking report. This month, we launched our latest research: The State of Workplace Misconduct in 2022, which highlights the most common types of misconduct by industry.

What happens when companies fail to prevent and navigate instances of misconduct? See the headlines, broken out by industry: 

Business Services

Consumer Services




Media and Entertainment

As you can tell, misconduct is extremely common and ongoing in every industry. Subscribe to the blog for monthly workplace misconduct examples in the news, and check out The State of Misconduct at Work in 2022: An Industry Benchmarking Report for more information on misconduct by industry.

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