Workplace Misconduct Makes the News in May 2023

For the past several months, we’ve been publishing headlines about instances of workplace misconduct. This shows not only how common misconduct is in the workplace. But, it also shows how costly and damaging these acts can be - to the victims as well as organizations, shareholders, employees.

This month, our examples of misconduct in the news are broken out into three categories: general headlines and news, articles on lawsuits and regulations, as well as examples of executive and employee misconduct.

Check out the articles below:

General Headlines About Workplace Misconduct

  1. Why companies should pay attention to workplace misconduct (Unleash)
  2. NLRB Flips (Again), Reinstates Context-Specific Standards For Employee Misconduct (JD Supra)
  3. Can you be fired for having an OnlyFans? (Rudner Law)

Headlines About Misconduct at Work-Related Lawsuits and Regulations

  1. Twitter Wins Dismissal of Elon Musk Layoff Gender-Bias Lawsuit, for Now: Suit doesn’t show a pattern of discrimination, judge rules. Lawyer cites Musk’s history of demeaning comments about women. (Bloomberg)
  2. Goldman to Pay $215 Million to End Case on Underpaying Women: A class of about 2,800 women agreed to settle the lawsuit. The case was slated to go to trial in New York next month. (Bloomberg)
  3. EEOC aims to prioritize ‘vulnerable workers,’ including LGBTQ workers: A New York pizzeria failed to protect a trans employee from ‘almost daily harassment,’ EEOC alleges in new suit. (HR Brew)

Examples of Executive and Employee Misconduct

  1. Unhinged CEO praises worker for having to sell family dog for return to office (HR Grapevine)
  2. NFL facing investigation into workplace misconduct (Yahoo! News)
  3. Former "teacher of the year" arrested for alleged sex with 16-year-old (CBS News)

Check out past articles for more examples of workplace misconduct in the news:

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