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Fama Technologies and Hunova Announce Strategic Partnership that Changes the Landscape of Talent Assessments and Candidate Intelligence

Fama Technologies and Hunova announce a strategic partnership that changes the landscape of talent assessments and candidate intelligence. This groundbreaking collaboration merges the science of psychology with power of technology, setting stage for a new era in talent acquisition.

Oct 4, 2023

Groundbreaking collaboration merges science of psychology with power of technology, setting stage for a new era in talent acquisition

Los Angeles, October 4, 2023 - In a groundbreaking move aimed at transforming the talent acquisition landscape, Fama Technologies Inc, the innovator in online screening that makes hiring great people easy, is announcing an exclusive partnership with, an assessment solution with the ability to determine traits from any written, social or spoken words. With this collaboration, companies will be able to evaluate candidates for professional fit and quality, leveraging their online web presence.

Combining Fama’s AI-based solution that compliantly searches 10,000 online public sources with Hunova’s advanced text analysis models trained on a proprietary assessment framework, the new solution will analyze a candidate’s web presence to deliver deeper insights into a potential hire’s performance-based competencies, including overall candidate fit and quality.

"This partnership with Hunova is a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of AI recruitment technology in a way that improves the recruiter and candidate experience,” said Ben Mones, CEO and Founder of Fama. “By integrating psychological traits assessment through textual analysis of a person’s web presence, we're truly pushing the boundaries. Together, we're merging the science of psychology with the power of technology, setting the stage for a new era in talent acquisition that makes hiring not just more efficient but also more precise.”

Arthur Tisi, CEO of Hunova, said, “We’re focused on changing how people are understood for the better. Our approach combines expansive use of advanced AI with deep psychological analysis based on our strong team of psychologists headed by our Chief Psychology Officer, Dr. Harold Goldstein.” 

Dr. Goldstein, who also heads Hunova Labs, stated, “Our focus is on using this exciting new technology as a lens to more fully capture the rich array of competencies that human beings bring to an organization. Our methods use scientific rigor to ensure the validity of our measures while leveraging novel approaches for reducing bias so that our assessments are fair for a diverse workforce.” 

Fama has helped over 2,500 companies screen over 45 million candidates for workplace misconduct to reduce risk to organizations. To learn more, visit Fama at HR Tech Conf Booth #5641 for an exclusive preview of the capabilities poised to change the future of hiring.

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About Fama

Fama is the innovator in online screening that makes hiring great people easy. Combining Fama’s groundbreaking AI technology and ability to integrate across the HR Tech stack, the solution compliantly searches 10,000 online public sources to help companies avoid workplace misconduct, prevent costly legal action, and ultimately, make better decisions. By modernizing candidate screening and due diligence, Fama helps organizations, agencies, and investors improve the quality of hires, make the most of each investment, and build successful businesses.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Fama is FCRA, EEOC, and SOC2 compliant and integrates with major HRIS, ATS, and background check solutions. To learn more, visit

About Hunova

Hunova is an enterprise insights and solution technology built on a proprietary assessment framework that emphasizes validity and fairness. Hunova's solution can rapidly yet impartially identify an individual's distinct competencies and provide scalable insights toward professional development.


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