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The Future of Candidate Assessments is Candidate Online Content! For the first time employers can frictionlessly assess candidate fit without the need for questionnaires from the candidate. With Fama Instant Fit employers can understand deep characteristics about a candidate in seconds and on demand. No more waiting on candidates to take lengthy tests. No more wasting time on candidates that aren’t a good fit. Fama truly makes hiring great people easy!

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How Instant Fit Works

Historically, Fama’s AI compliantly screened your candidates’ publicly available online content across 10,000 online sources including Meta properties and X formerly Twitter. In partnership with Hunova, this same web presence can now tell employers instantly if a candidate is a strategic thinker, has business acumen, financial acumen, or even traits like confidence. Understand candidate fit over time, not just based on a snapshot. Yes, it really is possible.

How do we do it? Fama Instant Fit, powered by Hunova science, runs advanced text analysis models trained on a proprietary assessment framework based in part of the big 5 assessment and many others to measure a candidate's unique professional traits based on web presence alone. You won’t just get insights from one type of validated assessment; with Fama Instant Fit you’ll get a more accurate assessment framework that compiles dozens of known, validated professional assessments.

Gone are the days of having candidates complete any kind of traits based test!

Improved Quality of Hire

Today, it is challenging to effectively measure quality of hire. Fama is happy to be at the forefront of solving this problem in a way that streamlines the candidate experience and assesses critical soft skills like empathy, flexibility, teamwork, and more by instantly evaluating a candidate’s online content.

Reduce Time to Hire

Candidates don’t want to take your test! With Fama Instant Fit employers now have frictionless assessments candidates no longer need to sit for a test, or a video interview. Decrease time to hire with one less candidate requirement. Gone are the days of candidate drop-off from assessments! 

Fully Integrated

With Fama’s Instant Fit there onboarding is easy. Fama is integrated with your ATS and/or HRIS.

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