Fama Labs Research: How Online Screening Can Impact Quality of Hire

We’ve spent nearly a decade helping organizations better understand what makes a good-quality candidate, and helping customers hire them. That’s why we’re proud to introduce a new team at Fama, “Fama Labs,” dedicated to finding new data-driven ways to improve the talent acquisition process and outcomes. See their first and second research projects below.

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New Research on How Online Screening Can Impact Quality of Hire

Read the Fama Labs research projects that help HR and recruiting teams make data-driven decisions that improve quality of hire. Fama Labs was formed to push the boundaries of what's possible in talent acquisition and provide insights to help companies improve the way they hire.

The team kicked off their time here by exploring two new research projects:

  • The first explored the relationship between seniority and misconduct.
  • The second project looked at whether online screening can predict quality of hire.

If you're interested in finding the answering to these questions, check out the research now.