Buying Online Screening for Workplace Misconduct Solutions

Our new guide for Buying Online Screening for Workplace Misconduct Solutions provides the data point, use cases, and features and functionality requirements to help Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, and Staffing Firms build the business case for a new solution.

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Adoption of online screening solutions has skyrocketed – and for good reason. Violence in general, workplace violence, harassment and employee fraud have been on the rise, and companies are realizing there are solutions that can help prevent this costly mistake.

This new guide will walk you through important talking points and stats to help you build your business case for a new online screening solution. This includes: 

  • Easy data points to showcase the business needs for this solution  
  • What features to look for and how to tell if a vendor’s solution is compliant 
  • The best places to get recommendations and referrals 
  • How to measure benefits and ROI 

Download the guide now to learn more.