The State of Misconduct at Work in 2022

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It only takes 5% of workers engaging in misconduct for organizations to see significant negative impacts? That’s where employees start losing productivity and quitting, when headlines about employee or executive misconduct start coming out, and when lawsuits and legal bills start adding up.

As the workplace misconduct experts, Fama has spent nearly a decade helping companies reduce workplace misconduct and improve quality of hire. Check out the trends in misconduct at work from 2022:

  • Nearly 11% of reports uncovered misconduct
  • Out of 9 industries benchmarked, 7 failed to keep misconduct to safe levels
  • The most common types of misconduct were: harassment, sexual misconduct, and intolerance (i.e. racism, sexism, antisemitism, bigotry)
  • The only two industries with safer levels of misconduct are highly regulated and conduct enhanced background screening on candidates

See the report for details on misconduct levels in YOUR industry, gain insight on the WHY behind these trends, and WHAT you can do to combat it and keep your organization safe, inclusive, and profitable.

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