10 Examples of Workplace Misconduct in the News from April 2023

Scrolling through headlines these days, it’s almost impossible not to see companies making headlines because of workplace misconduct. This is true at both national and local levels. Each month, we’ve published new articles with these headlines, this month is no exception. See these 10 examples of Employee Misconduct and Executive Misconduct in the news:

  • A rise in workplace violence gets a tech response: Mass shootings in the U.S. are rising, with workplaces being common targets. This has led to the development of advanced weapon detection and employee threat identification tools. (TechTarget)

  • Five Dead After Bank Shooting in Louisville, Ky., Police Say: Suspected shooter, a 25-year-old employee at Old National Bank, also killed (Wall Street Journal)

  • ‘Operation Got Milk': 6 Busted in $1 Million Dairy Theft in Miami-Dade: Police (NBC Miami)

  • A Major League Soccer player said an opponent made a racist remark during a game (NPR)

  • WWE apologizes for using image of Auschwitz concentration camp in a promo video (NPR)

  • Cardinals Owner Michael Bidwill Accused of Cheating, Discrimination and Harassment: Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill is the subject of accusations from former VP Terry McDonough. (Sports Illustrated)

  • Influential Boston Chef Barbara Lynch Accused of Workplace Misconduct. Here’s What to Know: A new report by The New York Times includes accusations of unwanted touching, drinking on the job, and impulsive layoffs. (Bon Appetit)

  • Murray Abraham Responds to Mythic Quest Firing for Alleged Sexual Misconduct (Vulture)

  • Tennessee House Republican resigns after violating discrimination and harassment policy (USA Today)

  • San Antonio city employees file class action lawsuit alleging workplace harassment: The harassment allegedly occurred while the two women were employed at the Henry. B. Gonzalez Convention Center. (San Antonio Current)

While anyone can engage in workplace misconduct, companies can reduce their risk by taking proactive steps to prevent, identify, and navigate these issues. That starts at hiring high-quality employees, and incorporating workplace misconduct screenings in candidate evaluations - just like hiring experts mentioned on ERE’s recent webinar, Improving Quality of Hire by Evaluating Candidate Behavior. Watch the recording here, and check out these 5 easy ways to identify and prevent workplace misconduct and 5 types of technology solutions that can help.