12 Heartwarming Employee Experience Stories That Show the #MagicOfFit

A Great Candidate Fit Supports A Great Employee Experience – See how frictionless screening can help you understand which candidates will be an Instant Fit

Last month, we announced Early Access to the beta program of our new frictionless candidate screening solution, Instant Fit. We celebrated with some of our favorite industry stakeholders – our very own employees, industry influencers, and HR Tech industry analysts – sharing stories of times they really felt like they belonged at work or hired someone who was an Instant Fit. 

Huge thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate and share the good news, including Chris Russell, Mervyn Dinnen, Georgette Cartagena, Torin Ellis, and Avi Pittleman, as well as the folks below who shared 12 heartwarming employee and candidate fit stories showing the #MagicOfFit. 

Influencers talk about the #MagicOfFit 

Hung Lee 

“I've been working solo for a long time now but I never forget the times when you're really 'in the zone' with a group of people who are aligned on what needs to be done and how to do it.

Last time for me was when I was working in building product - our product iteration rate was so rapid mainly because we have zero communication overhead, clear vision on where we were going and had skills, personality types and working styles which complimented each other perfectly.

We had 'great fit' as a team, and it's great to see companies now building new tech which might help us find people who connect in this way more systemically.”

Joey Price

“I've got an unpopular opinion... but stick with me here and I think you'll agree.

I believe that chaos can help us find our place at work. I've seen it in my own career.

As an HR professional, we are constantly fighting fires and helping the organizations we work for stay out of legal hot water. And as much as one could complain about the chaos of the organization or how stressful it is to fight those challenges... I like to look on the bright side.

"I am the calm to the chaos."

After all, every fire needs a firefighter and every ailment needs a doctor. Whether it is through my 12+ year journey in leading Jumpstart HR | Small Business and Start-Up HR Outsourcing and Managed HR Services or the companies where I learned along the way, I've always felt like I belong when I am the calm to the chaos or an answer to a problem. It's one of the reasons why a value of mine is "to bring clarity from the clouds."

My friends at Fama Technologies Inc. believe so strongly in the #MagicOfFit that they've launch a new tool that helps more employees find their fit. This new tool will help hiring teams frictionlessly determine which of their candidates will be an instant fit. It'll screen for positive personality traits, workplace competencies, and even share science-backed personalized interview questions the hiring team can ask based on the candidate's traits and competencies. There won't be any waiting for candidates to take a test or any related candidate drop-off. Just frictionless candidate screening.”

Keirsten Greggs 

“I spent the last half of 2023 searching for a new role as a consultant or regular employee to no avail. Even though I knew how challenging it would be to find a role that afforded me the time to continue refining TRAP Recruiter, as opportunities seemed to slip farther away, there were many times I considered putting TRAP Recruiter on the backburner. In a Hail Mary moment, I reached out to Kim Jones, to see if she knew of any opportunities outside of her organization that may have a need for someone in my situation. Sometimes the stars align. We hopped on a call and discussed an RFP that she was contemplating bidding on that could be a fit.

From our first conversations, it was clear she had put a lot of thought into what they needed - a precise blend of TA skills and personality traits to compliment their existing team. They didn't just have a checklist of technical requirements but took the time to really understand how I thought, approached problems, collaborated with others and how my skills and working style would fill the gap. Because of that, I could envision myself at the table feasting with them. It was like puzzle pieces made for each other.

While we worked on drafting the proposal that vision played out in vivid color. The technical challenges matched my strengths while pushing me to new heights. My teammates' personalities meshed seamlessly with my own - a healthy mix of energy, focus, and humor that clicks. We all shared core values around accountability, direct communication, and supporting each other. This perfect fit is a reminder that hiring is both an art and a science. The science of assessing technical capabilities, but also the art of curating a balanced team where diverse pieces form a harmonious whole. When organizations take the time to understand those intangibles, magic happens.

Oh, and we won!

Being a part of the KL team for the past 6 months where my skills and personality intertwine seamlessly with my other teammates has converted me from skeptic to fervent believer in the #MagicOfFit. I’m re-energized every day knowing that I’ve found a place where I can continue to grow both professionally and personally.”

Serge Boudreau and Shelley Billinghurst

“They asked us this question: Have you hired someone that you knew was an instant fit?

Shelley Billinghurst had a quick answer! BTW Leah Sobering I think your boss likes your work.”

On the podcast, Serge asks, “Can you tell me about a time when you hired someone and they were an Instant Fit?” 

Shelley responded right away, “Do I ever. And I knew it within 1 day. I’ve always said you can tell someone’s character by their first day of work and their last day of work. I hired someone in August 2023 and I knew within the first hour my life was going to get a lot better. I’ve known Leah. I was her customer. She joined and I felt like my game, my game as a business owner just went up.” 

Listen to their podcast episode on the Magic of Fit, as well!  

Robin Schooling 

“Some of the “rules” that most HR practitioners are told WAY early in their careers include:

·     It’s critical you remain ‘neutral.

·     You can’t have friends at work so don’t get too personal with staff.

·     You will find that HR is a lonely job (see rules listed above…).

Legions of HR folks have been let loose absolutely TERRIFIED at breaking these rules. I’ve run into HR professionals who will not even – get this – put a picture of their kids on their desk or even ADMIT they have a family (lest it be too “personal”). There are hordes of HR practitioners who never eat lunch in the staff dining room (“what if someone asks me a question?”) and spend their time hiding behind locked doors that require employees make an appointment and have someone buzz them into the inner sanctum.

Not for me.

In my first HR job (somewhat stuffy and traditional company) I spent 4 years learning how to be “me” at work. And at my second HR job, as a 100-employee org’s first HR Director, I was authentically myself (hell’s bells – that was well before we EVER used the phrase “bring your authentic self to work”). And let me tell you - I BELONGED with this org and these people (again.. well before we ever used the word “belonging” in the work context).

I was invited to weddings and baptisms. At the request of an employee, I attended her divorce proceeding for moral support and hand holding. I went to the birthday party of one of the managers (at her house) when I was invited 3 weeks AFTER her Director and I had to sit down with her to discuss a PIP.

The BELONGING came because we were ALL in it together. I was their teammate before I was “HR.”  We collectively laughed, cried, and complained about nonsense. I was there to help THEM succeed at work and in their careers and to remove the obstacles that prevented them from doing their best work.

When I left after 3 years, they had a “good bye” party. We had cake and ice cream and I think we might have had wine (or maybe that was at the “after party”). And they presented me with the best gift I have ever received at work (I still have it).

Each employee wrote a “memory” of working with me. Some were jokes. A few people drew pictures. Someone included a message for my daughter (who occasionally came to the office) to thank HER for letting me work at the org. Many were “thanks for helping me with XX.” In essence though they spoke about ME as a HUMAN being and not crap such as “I like how you explained our medical coverage” or “you bought good cookies for the Holiday Party.”

They saw me. They KNEW me.

I belonged.”

Tami Nutt

“I had the pleasure of working in HR at Baylor University for almost 10 years, and I can truly say it felt like they carved out a space perfectly tailored for me. But let's be real – it wasn't an instant success story, nor did I have all the answers. But in that role, I was able to lean into my strengths, which not only brought me a lot of joy but also added real value to the University.✨”

William Tinup 

“Today, I'm reminded of a time when I felt like I belonged at work. If you know me, you know I can be chaotic. Some of that is living with being bipolar, and some of that is that I genuinely don't give a fuck. Some people say they don't give a fuck, but they don't mean it (Em reference). I mean it, and I can't remember when I cared what others thought of me. That's a gift and a curse (Hov reference).

It was 1990, and I was an assistant store manager for a Walmart in Odessa, Texas. I was responsible for several departments, including the furniture department. Within the furniture department, we sold lamps. Back then, lamps were primarily sold in boxes. They weren't displayed or merchandised as they are now.

One weekend, I decided to take the entire back wall of this particular Walmart, place green felt (from the fabrics department) up the wall, and install shelves. Then I ran power to the wall and unboxed a lamp of every type we sold. I flipped the switch, and the wall was so fucking bright you could see it from Mars, much less the front doors. It was awesome. It was also polarizing. As a customer, you were either drawn to it or blinded by it. Whatever. I liked it, and that's all that matters.

Then the sales of lamps started kicking ass. The numbers were prosperous, and we had to double and triple our lamp orders. All lamps. Even the shitty green banker's lamps. Whatever. I was a fucking hero.

Fast-forward three months, and Sam Walton visited our store. He used to fly around and visit stores during the week. He didn't have a set schedule and didn't tell people where he was going; he just showed up. I first met Sam in 1987, so he knew who I was and vice versa.

This particular day, I was working - rebuilding an end cap (retail industry lingo), and Sam tapped me on the shoulder. We talked for a moment, and he asked about the lamp wall. He said, "Jeffrey, why did you do that?" and I responded, "Who the fuck buys a lamp in the box?" and further, "It's got to be seen and felt; it's an experience." He laughed and then asked about sales. I showed him the numbers, and he called HQ (Bentonville) and made the entire furniture department fly down to Odessa to see what I had done. The executive over furniture asked me why I didn't follow the modular that they sent, and I responded, "Modulars are just suggestions; I have to do what's best for the people of Odessa." He started to chide me, and Sam leaned and said, I want a lamp wall in every Walmart by the end of the year. Boom!

I was clearly off the reservation (I can say that; I'm Cherokee) and could have quickly been fired. I wasn't not fired. I was promoted. I ultimately became friends with the head of furniture.

That exchange and experience profoundly changed me. Walmart and Sam Walton made me feel like I belonged.”

Zachary Nunn 

“‘Fit’ at a company matters. As someone who has often times never quite fit in, I've always wanted to create an environment at Living Corporate where anyone that I had the privilege to hire would thrive. Enter Michael Schmidt.

As our Head of Insight, Mike had an immediate impact by building out our data policies, insights delivery, and data transformation capabilities. Mike is a not only a phenomenal fit as an employee, he's also a dear friend.”

Fama Employees Share the #MagicOfFit 

Brooke Peck

“Big day over here at Fama Technologies Inc! I began working here about 2 years ago when Taneeya Untalan took a chance on me for a summer internship. As that period ended, I felt a pit in my stomach having to leave such an engaging environment and that had amazing people around. Thankfully, I was given the chance to extend my internship while finishing my degree. Upon graduation, I got the opportunity to transition into a full-time role as a Junior UX Designer. It's safe to say I really latched on to this company from the get-go. 😂

Feeling that I truly "fit" within Fama has greatly enriched my professional life. Given the considerable time we dedicate to our careers, the value of being in a place where we feel connected, challenged, and poised for growth is immeasurable. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities Fama has provided me. Today, as we release beta access to our newest product, Instant Fit—a testament to our collective dedication and passion—I am thrilled and proud to be part of the Fama team. ✨

Amy Warren 

“14 years ago I did my first virtual interview for a job with Kiran Prashad at DAC. So many people thought I was crazy taking a job where I had not met anyone in person. But when you know-- you know! I remember in my first week we both talked about that because people were saying the same thing to her-- how did you hire someone you only talk to on Skype? (zoom wasn't around yet or google meet 😄 )

It was my first agency experience and it was amazing! We had a lot of work to do building up the NYC office but it was so much fun. I think I did more pitch presentations in that 2 year time period than any other time in my career. We landed deals with Adecco and SunTrust Banks and even lived through an earthquake in the DAC Office in Toronto!

I met some amazing people - Scott Ensign Lynn Duffy @jeffweil1 Nasser Sahlool

You know you have the #magicoffit when you look back at your past job experiences and say-- I would 100% go back and do that again with that company and with that team. Thank you Kiran Prashad 👏 for such a great experience! #magicoffit

Micole Garatti 

“Here are times I've really felt the #MagicofFit since starting to work at Fama.

I have some really annoying food allergies that make work travel annoying as heck. On our last company retreat, our brilliant #HR team Freesia Chen, SHRM-SCP and Lora Cartell sent out a form asking if anyone had any special dietary restrictions or other needs. A couple weeks before the retreat, the host our VP or Operations Kristin Magnuson Hazelton, MBA reached out, asked questions about what I can and can't safely eat and then she literally prepared a whole entire separate meal for me (that was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!) to ensure I didn't get sick. It was one of the most thoughtful experiences I've ever had at work.

I was invited to joined a meeting on a topic I had never been in a meeting about before. For the most part, I just sat quietly, listening and learning from everyone else on the team. At one point, our VP of Finance Nicolas Falbo specifically asked if I had any thoughts about the topic. The assumption was I was there because I knew what I was doing and had value to contribute -- and the level of trust that demonstrated was so heartwarming.

Last but not least -- since joining her team, my boss Amy Warren has taken every opportunity to speak my name in rooms she thinks I belong in, went above and beyond to hone my strengths and find ways for me to use them to contribute to the team and company, and supported my weaknesses (I can write like heck but graphic design like a 2 year old LOL!!) in a way that doesn't force me to constantly struggle through them.

To say I have absolutely loved my time here is an understatement. And, I hope everyone finds the place and job that makes them feel the #MagicOfFit like I have the past year and a half.”

Nicholas Falbo 

“I've been with Fama Technologies Inc. for 3 years and was the company's first finance hire. It has been an amazing experience so far from building my department from scratch, raising a Series B, moving up in my career from Director to VP, and acquiring a competitor.

For each one of those milestones I've had the support and trust from the whole ELT (Kristin Magnuson Hazelton, MBA Brendten Eickstaedt Ben Mones Amy Warren Freesia Chen, SHRM-SCP Akwasi Peprah) in the work I did for those key career and company growth moments. It has been such a pleasure to work alongside these professionals all striving to reach the same goal.

The amazing thing about Fama Technologies Inc. is this collaboration, team work, and trust is seen throughout the whole organization. To see this proves that the #MagicOfFit helps in your experience at a company and growth as an individual.”


While not everyone is lucky enough to experience the #MagicOfFit in their roles, Fama hopes to build a world where workplaces are more fulfilling and inclusive for employees and profitable for organizations. 

Feelings of belonging and being an Instant Fit shouldn’t be magical. Learn more about how Fama’s new frictionless candidate screening solution can help hiring teams achieve this, enhance the candidate experience, and improve quality of hire by empowering hiring teams with the information they need to understand which candidates will be an Instant Fit. 

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