20 ways to fail a social media background check

Each week Social Intelligence completes hundreds of social media reports for companies who are screening their potential hires or current employees. We specifically look for anything that a candidate has posted that might make them a workplace safety threat. After scanning the internet and verifying that we've located the right person, we review their content for any material that is potentially violent, unlawful, sexually explicit, or demonstrates racism or intolerance. Roughly 10% of the reports we complete come back with negative material on them.  

In the past, we looked at six instances where social media posts have led to employee termination. However, those examples were not based on reports that our company conducted. The following content consists of real posts that some of our subjects have made over the past few months. Names and usernames have been redacted to protect the identity of those involved.

*Warning: The following content is of a graphic nature and suitable for mature eyes only.*

Potentially Unlawful Activity


blog unlawful activity 1

2. "Who got bud?! I'm tryna wake and bake."

3. "Just parallel parked my aunts car like a champ while intoxicated!!!! Soooo goooood!!!"


blog unlawful activity 2

5. "In high school my parents would always let me go to all the parties but I would have a vigorous amount of chores I needed to do the next day. Teaches you REALLY quick how much you can drink and still function the next day."

Potentially Violent Behavior

1. "Now we can all legally beat the sh** out of Justin Bieber. :)"


blog potentially violent behavior 1

3. "F****** barbarians. Would someone please put me on a flight with a baseball bat and flamethrower."

4. "Your ignorance don't pay my bills. #haveaseat #kickthesh**outofyourmouth #idontmindhittingfirst."


blog potentially violent behavior 2

Racism or Demonstrations of Intolerance

1. "I laughed my a** off when that walking vagina appeared at a Trump rally."


blog racism 1

3. "Nasty a** Staten Island food. Fake a** Jamaicans."

4. "U have a beautiful, faithful girlfriend...Why throw that away for some HOE?"


blog racism 2

Sexually Explicit Material

1. "Life's a b**** but sometimes she can suck a mean d***."

2. "Call me old school but I still watch the pamela anderson s*x tape from time to time."


blog sexually explicit 1

4. "Eat her p****, get her thick, push her to do better & support her dreams #2017."


blog sexually explicit 2

Worried that your current employees or applicants are posting this type of content and might fail a social media background check? Contact us today to learn more about how our reports can protect your company from a host of workplace safety issues, as well as discrimination suits.


Contributing author: Caitlin Rogers