Free eBook: Intolerance Online - The Changing Dynamics of Intolerance on Social Media

As the workforce increasingly relies on digital communication online, platforms continue to be saturated with new users. However, with that increased saturation, the sweeping dynamics of social media users are also shifting. Recently, platforms have been wrestling with some users’ burgeoning discontent over the handling of censored content. Where is the line between removing offensive content and censoring users? Platforms are criticized for both “not doing enough” as well as “violating free speech.” Consequently, a heightened political climate, undergirded by COVID-19, has led many users to flee en masse to other sites touting more flexible community guidelines.

This type of fissure and exodus has many implications, especially when it coincides with a significant uptick in intolerance in online content. As experts in this field, Social Intelligence has compiled an overview of these shifts in social media where intolerance is concerned.