FSSolutions Partners With Social Intelligence

We're happy to announce our partnership with FFSolutions! Read the full press release here.

FSSolutions has broadened its employment screening and background check services with the addition of social media search through Social Intelligence.

CHALFONT, PA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 FSSolutions, a national leader in full-service employment compliance screening solutions, has announced a partnership with Social Intelligence, the premier social media screening firm, to provide social media searches as part of their background screening services. Ensuring a safe work environment means hiring trustworthy employees who protect your staff, customers, and reputation. Screening for risk areas such as violence and intolerance is a vital part of the background check process. The addition of Social Intelligence to FSSolutions' screening services offers an innovative solution to screen candidates' social media profiles and online presence safely without compromising compliance or candidate privacy."We are pleased to team up with Social Intelligence, whose experience, knowledge, and reputation in social media searches make them an ideal partner," said Michael Koffler, President, and CEO, FSSolutions. "FSSolutions is determined to provide our clients with the most comprehensive background screening tools on the market. Through this strategic partnership, our background checks will deliver a more robust review of a candidate and help clients ensure they're hiring the right people for the job."With the addition of social media searches conducted by Social Intelligence, FSSolutions continues to expand its services while serving the needs of its clients through innovation and exceptional service.ABOUT FSSOLUTIONSFSSolutions, a PBSA accredited consumer reporting agency, is one of the largest private third-party administrators (TPA) of drug and alcohol testing, background screening, occupational health, medical testing, and compliance services in the country. Founded in 1989, FSSolutions is known for its regulatory, legal, and technical expertise in workplace testing policies and procedures, delivering unprecedented service, support, and value for all your compliance screening. Our executive team comprises leading industry experts in regulatory compliance and champions of customer service. FSSolutions' distinguished medical team includes recognized experts and published authorities in the medical screening and testing industry. With innovative technology, dedicated account coordination, and industry-leading turnaround times, we provide customizable, easy-to-use screening reports that you can trust. Partnering with FSSolutions allows you to streamline your screening process through a single platform for all services with quick, compliant, and accurate screening solutions that reduce your business risk. Learn more at www.FSSolutions.com.ABOUT SOCIAL INTELLIGENCESocial Intelligence provides scalable solutions for one-time or continuous search and analysis of web and social data to find actionable employment insights and help companies leverage online data in their employment decisions. As leaders in social media screening, they are committed to providing companies with accurate, actionable insights to create healthier, more inclusive workplaces.