Introducing the Social Media Hiring Report™

We've Got News.

We've been in the social media background screening game for a while. Since 2010, to be exact—back when Facebook had "walls" instead of "timelines," Instagram was brand new, and Snapchat hadn't been invented yet. We've seen social platforms explode in popularity before being unplugged by their competition (R.I.P. Vine). We've seen fading stars redefine their brand (did you know MySpace does music now?). We've even seen message boards like Reddit and 4Chan go from swapping recipes and workout tips to having difficult, often trollish conversations about society's woes.

One thing that remains constant through all of this complex technological evolution? The humans that use— and sometimes abuse—social media.

The Social Media Hiring Report

As the first provider of FCRA-compliant social media background screening in the employment sector, we're delighted to announce the release of the Social Media Hiring Report™—a low-cost solution that makes the benefits of social media background screening widely available to businesses of any size. The Social Media Hiring Report™ offers a smartly priced yet risk-averse solution for screening everyday employment candidates.

Making social media screening scalable without compromising its meaningful value for organizations of any size has always been our mission. Social Intelligence takes a human approach to social media analysis through a technology lens, employing machine learning with FCRA-trained analysts who can identify wholly human patterns like parody, sarcasm, or innuendo in flagged content. In effect, we've married content and context to guarantee than nothing is misinterpreted or falsely attributed to your candidates.


Fact is, the artificial intelligence needed to provide meaningful and automated insight from social media content has not yet been fully developed. According to Facebook’s 2018 Transparency Report, only 38% of all hate speech identified on their platform was caught by AI— the rest was reported by humans. Facebook itself doesn’t have the technology to catch all instances of hate speech, violence, or sexual misconduct, so applying an AI-only approach to hiring could be equally problematic. Social Intelligence is now delivering impactful data as a scalable and cost effective solution to an inherently human part of doing business.

How Does It Work?

By leveraging a decade of data and limiting the scope of the search to the places and moments in time where the most problematic content is found, the Social Media Hiring Report™ drastically reduces the risk of negligent hiring, harassment claims and insider threats without the cost of an exhaustive online search.


The Social Media Hiring Report™ is available to all U.S.-based businesses as of June 28th. More information on the Social Media Hiring Report™ can be found on the Social Intelligence website, or by calling (888) 748-3281.