March CEO Corner: A Message from Ben

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Ben Mones Headshot 2019

Howdy, Fama-ly! As more COVID-19 vaccines find their way into arms around the world, I’m seeing more and more of my professional network scheduling face-to-face meetings. Background Screening is a travel-heavy industry where relationships are important. While I am personally a bit apprehensive about traveling for business with the current transmission rates, there’s a part of me that couldn’t be more excited for the burnt Starbucks coffee in a Westin hotel lobby, or meeting a longtime client for an in-person QBR. That said, I question the role my 150k annual, domestic SkyMiles have played in our company’s growth. Boarding the plane first is great and all…but was the juice worth the squeeze? It's hard to say at this point. I want to believe that time spent away from home was worth it. Traveling for work is a big part of corporate culture – we got on planes because that is what our mentors taught us to do - the example our managers set for us as we came up.

This sort of reflection has led me to question other aspects of the screening industry where we follow a map or a process that may no longer apply. Drug testing for a desk job comes to mind. A few years ago SHRM talked about the coming ‘end of drug testing’ but I still hear about it when talking to clients. To me, it seems like a counterproductive risk assessment that may only limit the applicant pool.

I am sure there are other types of checks that you may not think are relevant any longer. If you have a moment, please jot a reply to this update and let us know what you think is obsolete – we’d appreciate it!

Many thanks, and be well.