Product Release Notes: Fama adds configurable lookback period for X, formerly Twitter

Fama is proud to announce our newest product feature: Configurable Lookback Periods for X, formerly known as Twitter. This enhancement will empower clients with increased flexibility, allowing for more personalization and control over the information you see in reports. 

What this Means: 

Fama has always had the ability to compliantly screen X/Twitter, as far back as the FCRA-compliant 7-year lookback period. This new feature gives clients the ability to set their own lookback period that meets their own company and industry needs within the compliant lookback period. 

What to Know: 

  • This is for all clients using the Fama Plus product 
  • Add a new X/Twitter lookback option in the company settings to configure the lookback period based on your needs
  • Clients will need to opt-in to access this feature 
  • Companies that don’t opt in will automatically continue to screen for the default lookback period

This update continues to reaffirm Fama’s commitment to being an innovator in online screening for workplace misconduct. For more information about this feature or questions about opting in, please contact