Product Release Notes: New User Experience for “Add Report” Submission Forms

Release Date: May 15, 2024

Fama is revamping the user experience of our “Add Report” form. Customers using Fama’s new user interface will see this enhancement starting the evening of May 15th after a short maintenance window. 

What’s changing?

  • New Look and Feel: The “Add Report” form is now modernized, making it easier to read, navigate, and complete. Header text has been moved from the side of the form fields to the top of each designated section. Additionally, gray boxes have been added around form fields. 
  • New Fields: A new “Job Title” field next to the “Company” form field under the “Screening Company” has been added to better serve customers.
  • Other Changes: Several other enhancements customers will see: 
    • Check Type Visual Change: The “Check Type” field where customers select which type of Fama check to run is now changing from a drop-down select to a check box select. 
    • Adaptive Response for Behavior Kits: Once customers have selected a Check Type, the behavior kit form field will appear, and they will be able to select the desired Behavior Kit. The Behavior Kit form field will remain a drop-down menu and will not show on the form prior to the Check Type selection. 
    • Name Change for Social Profile Field: The “Social Media Profiles” field name has been changed to “Social Networks.” This field and section have moved and are now before the “Address” section.  
    • Name Change for Job Field: The candidate identifier “Job” has been renamed “Employment.” 
    • New Subsection for Candidate Information: The “Employment” and “Education” fields are now grouped together under the new subsection, “Other Candidate Information.”
    • Added Tool Tips: “Tool Tips” have been added to several sections to guide customers on inputs like “Job Title,” “Select Behavior Kit,” and “Client Report ID.” Customers can access these instructions by hovering over the (i) icons next to the form fields.
    • Color Change for Button: The color of the “Add Report” submission button at the end of the form is changing from green to orange.
  • Adaptive UI: The form adjusts automatically based on multiple factors, including screen size and selections customers make on the form. For example, once a customer has selected a check type, the behavior kit form field will pop up, and they can select their desired behavior kit. Adaptive response ensures a tailored experience no matter the browser or device you use to access Fama’s new user interface. This will result in a better mobile experience.
  • Error Handling: In the previous “Add Report” form, any errors in a field would appear in the text box where the error occurred. This new release will change how customers see errors, moving the error notices to the bottom of the page once a customer submits the form via the “Add Report” button.

Important Note: Maintenance Window on 5/15 from 7 to 9pm PST

The “Add Report” functionality on Fama’s new user interface will be temporarily down on May 15th from 7 to 9pm PST. Customers will not be able to request new reports during this window and should prepare to add any new reports either before or after the designated time. 

Who does this impact?

This release impacts customers using Fama’s new user interface. Customers using the previous-generation user interface will not see these updates. 

This update continues to reaffirm Fama’s commitment to innovating online candidate screening with a modern look and feel. For more information about this update, please contact your account manager or

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in our upcoming releases!