SI x Accusource Webinar: Social Media Screening for Employers

WHO: Social Intelligence and partner Accusource

WHAT: a complimentary, hour-long webinar on Social Media Screening for Employers

WHEN: Thursday, October 24th at 10am PDT

WHERE: To register, click here.

SUMMARY: This webinar will cover the basic social media landscape, including statistics on social media usage in the US. We will dive into why employers are looking to social media to assess risk and what behaviors are concerning online, while also covering common DIY mistakes, candidate privacy concerns, and the benefits and challenges of AI. Finally, we will review what general components a social media report should have and a basic overview of how to implement a social media background screening program.



Social Intel provides scalable solutions for one time or continuous search and analysis of web and social data to find actionable employment insights and help companies leverage online data in their employment decisions. Using a combination of robotic processing automation, natural language processing, and aggregate data analysis, they leverage their algorithm’s ten years of machine learning to empower companies to prevent toxic workplace behavior before it has a chance to manifest. As leaders in social media screening, Social Intel is committed to providing companies with accurate, actionable insights to create healthier, more inclusive workplaces.

About Accusource: an industry leader in employment screening, AccuSource provides best-in-class turnaround times and screening results of the highest quality. They have proven expertise in background screening throughout various diverse geographic regions and industries. Additionally, they have an extensive network of more than 4,000 independent researchers, located domestically and internationally, who are experts in meeting the demands of highly-regulated industries.