Social Intel x The Rebel HR Podcast


This week Social Intel's president Bianca Lager joins the Rebel Human Resources Podcast for a chat on social media screening for HR professionals. This episode covers: 

  • How organizations define intolerance;
  • Why social media screening should be formalized;
  • Degrees of separation between assumptions and actionable insights; and
  • How bias can negatively impact social media screenings and more


About the Podcast:

The Rebel HR Podcast explores the new world of work, and how HR can drive change for the better. "Rebel HR Guy", Kyle Roed, covers various topics with other business leaders disrupting the world of work. Human Resources is one of the most dynamic areas in any organization. Rebel HR discusses topics ranging from managing performance, building culture, engagement, inclusion, people analytics, and driving business results through others. The world is changing, and those who aren't ready to change with it will be left behind. Rebel on, HR Rebels!

About Bianca Lager:

Bianca Lager drives the vision for Social Intelligence to support organizations in accomplishing compliant screening practices alongside the values-based goals of protecting workplace culture and preventing harassment. Bianca is a dedicated volunteer in her community participating regularly in Partners in Education administered by the Santa Barbara County Education Office, where she provides guidance and mentorship for first-generation college hopefuls, emphasizing online reputation management and community service as pillars for success. Bianca obtained an MBA from Pepperdine University where she periodically guest lectures. 

Ready to add social media screening to your workflow?


This episode is one part of a series of podcasts featuring our president, Bianca Calhoun Lager, covering a range of topics from data analytics in digital content to the future of hiring for HR professionals. Subscribe to Social Intel’s blog for updates on upcoming podcasts, educational webinars, and industry presentations, and find more podcasts on social media screening in the Watch & Listen section of our resource library here.