The Social Intelligence Mission: Our 2018 Vision

When Social Intelligence began, it began like many other new businesses striving to innovate and deliver a valuable solution to a real-world problems. In 2010, we set out to accomplish something that had not yet been attempted - protect online privacy by delivering an efficient, ethical and compliant solution for employers to consider social media data when assessing an applicant's appropriateness for a company. For Social Intelligence, the journey to get social media background screening right has been a learning experience during which we have been lucky enough to enjoy the trust of many highly respected companies.

After 8 years and hundreds of thousands of social media background screening reports, I am thrilled to now share our newly minted Mission, Vision, Values and Goals for 2018.

Our Mission

Social Intelligence protects the workplace from harassment, prejudice, and violence by those who have a history of publicly discriminating against federally protected classes on social media. By assessing employment risk through FCRA-compliant screening processes, we mitigate potential threats to businesses without violating a candidate’s personal freedoms.

For many employers, hiring is one of the most difficult tasks. It requires a combination of trust, measurement, thought and gut instinct. What we know for sure is that employers are helped in this process by information that is compiled for them and directly connects them with a better understanding of who their candidate is and how they represent themselves online.

Our Vision

Social Intelligence strives to become a nationally recognized and trusted social media screening brand with a sterling reputation for protecting both employers and employees from violence and discrimination.

As our society further embraces online life, employers no longer have the luxury to ignore what happens on the internet. While this could otherwise create an imbalance of power where businesses feel they can exert their needs onto the personal lives of their workers,  Social Intelligence strives to earn the trust of both employees and employers as the best solution to balance the need for company insight and personal autonomy.

Our Core Values

Customers Are Central - When customers feel empowered they accomplish their goals. We keep our customers’ peace of mind at the center of everything we do so they can make smart decisions that keep the workplace safe.

Appreciate Often - Employees that feel valued are proud of they work they do. We push the boundaries of what can be accomplished, and we always give credit where credit is due.

Default to Transparency - Honesty and mutual respect for customers and employees are paramount. We always deliver and always follow through, no exceptions.

Take Intelligent Risks - We’re half human, half machine— the people behind our research allow us to decipher wholly human patterns, while our technology makes us efficient. This combination drives us forward quickly and thoughtfully.

Act Like an Owner - We take responsibility for our products and services on every level and our open-door policy embraces leadership wherever it’s found. Trust is earned in years and broken in seconds. We are meticulous in our dedication to always deliver as promised. We strive to live by these words both externally and internally.

Our Focus in 2018

Awareness -  We believe in the value we deliver to the world and will focus in 2018 on amplifying the awareness of that value.

Efficiency - We measure our success through data driven analysis, with dedication to delivery in the most efficient ways

Social Intelligence has proven its value to some of the most successful companies in the world. As we escalate our effort to educate the world on how social media background screening works best, we perfect ways to accomplish all of the above with urgency and accuracy. We hope you’ll continue to follow, share and join us this year!