Why Great Risk Managers Should Focus on Company Hiring Practices

If you work as a Risk Manager (a role that comes in many shapes and sizes), you know how important it is to hedge your company's bets. If you're a great Risk Manager, you also know that new hire screening is one of the most overlooked areas of risk for a modern business. You want to hire only the best and most qualified employees to fill all available positions at your workplace. At the same time, you need to be fully cognizant of the fact that not everyone who's qualified is perfect.

Sexual harassment and discrimination are issues that no risk manager can afford to ignore. For this reason, you need to be even more diligent about whom you hire. A series of timely online investigations will come in handy here.


Why Background Checks Are Not as Effective as Online Investigations

In the old days, employers would make use of background checks to screen out potential troublemakers. However, these old fashioned background checks reveal little more than a person's work history or potentially criminal past. These methods tend to be outdated, paper-bound, and time consuming.

What these background checks won't tell you is if a person has a history of harassment and discrimination... the kind that can't won't be noted as criminal, but is likely worse for your corporate culture and reputation than hiring convicted felons. If an employee has a history of rude or inappropriate remarks or is a general maker of trouble at the office, a background check won't really let a new employer know in time to avoid hiring them.


Social Media Background Screening is the Most Risk-Averse Option Today

A person who freely and recklessly engages in conduct including harassment and discrimination on social media is a person who will very likely replicate this behavior in person. This is exactly the kind of individual that you are most in need of screening out.

Social media background screening is an evolving combination of technology and human investigation designed to limit your liability when screening pre-hires. Since every third-party social media background screening company is required by law to be FCRA-compliant, they can more accurately predict problematic hires based on current behaviors and eliminate your company's risk of exposure to protected class information.


Contact Social Intelligence for More Info on Social Media Screening

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