Workplace Safety issues found through Social Media Screening


Approximately 10% of the Social Media Screening Reports that we conduct come back with "red flags" found. The four types of red flags that we look for are: demonstrations of racism and/or intolerance, as well as anything sexually explicit, potentially illegal, and potentially violent.We thought it would be interesting to look at six months of data to determine which red flags showed up most frequently. That information will be presented on the infographic below.

Workplace Safety issues are prevalent online

During a six-month period, we discovered that 66% of our flagged reports contained demonstrations of racism and/or intolerance. Additionally, 57% of our flagged reports contained sexually explicit material. The percentages for illegal and violent behavior are visible in the infographic below. There is overlap in the percentages because it is possible for each report to contain all four types of red flags.We also discovered that 54% of our flagged reports contained one type of red flag (i.e. only unlawful activity). 21% of flagged reports contained material pertaining to two different red flags (i.e. sexually explicit and potentially violent). The complete breakdown is visible in the infographic below (click to enlarge).

social media hiring reports infographic

What can Social Media Screening do for your organization?

Our social media screenings are usually conducted on candidates that have already made it past the interview process. That means that over a sixth-month period, red flags popped up on 10% of the applicants that a company was considering making a job offer to.It is risky to hire the wrong person. A so-called "bad hire" might put other employees or clients in harm's way, can damage your company's brand reputation, and can be a waste of money in the long run.Interested in learning more about how our product can help your company improve its hiring process? Contact us today to receive a sample report. Contributing author: Caitlin Rogers