Social Intelligence employee spotlight: 7 questions with Jonny

This week we continue our employee spotlight series by getting to know our business development manager, Jonny, a bit better. You can find the complete series here.

7 Questions with Jonny

What is your role at Social Intelligence?

I am the Business Development Manager. My role is to identify new business opportunities like new markets, partnerships, new ways to reach existing markets, or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets. Then I go out and turn those opportunities into more revenue.

Where would you like to travel to?

I would love to go sailing in the British Virgin Islands or in the Mediterranean around Greece and Turkey. But I have a feeling the next trip will be to Italy...

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Be a pilot!

What is your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?

There are a lot. Basketball, camping, hiking & sailing with my wife top the list.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Sales and sports have so much in common, and like in sports you play hard and see results. That's what I like most about my work. I know that if I work my hardest I'm absolutely going to see results and be rewarded for it.

What did you want your adult profession to be when you were a kid?

I loved trains as a kid and wanted to be a train engineer.

Fill in the blank: If you really knew me, you’d know _____.

I got my wife's phone number at a Star Wars movie.


Contributing author: Caitlin Rogers