What every employer needs to know about Social Media Background Checks


Here at Social Intelligence we consider ourselves experts in the field of social media background checks. Our specialty is pre-employment background searches. After locating a candidate's online footprint, we search their content for four red flags: sexually explicit material, violent behavior, racism and/or demonstrations of intolerance, and potentially illegal activity. Our goal is to eliminate workplace safety issues.

We have worked in this industry for seven years, and complete thousands of Social Media Hiring Reports a month. In January, we started posting weekly blog articles in an effort to share our knowledge with current clients and other organizations that are looking to improve their hiring process. We are excited to announce that we have also created a white paper with more comprehensive knowledge about Social Media and Web-Based Background Checks.

Inside you'll find:

1) A guide to social media background screening

2) Information about the legal and regulatory obstacles involved

3) Statistics about the growth of social media

4) Potential benefits and ways to minimize risk

5) Tips for selecting a third-party screener


Interested in signing up for our product, or viewing a sample report? Give us a call today at (888) 748-3281 and speak with our sales rep, John. Alternatively, fill out our contact us form and we will reach out to you. **Please note that we do not provide our products to individuals. Our product is only available to companies who are looking to conduct background screenings for employment purposes.** 


Contributing author: Caitlin Rogers